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This website has been restored for use as reference material for Philip Hall's Art IV elective Commercialization of Renaissance Art. The site was recently the victim of a search scandal as a result of Google's inability to appropriately monitor their search results. This lead to a search for the site's name to be defamed by association. On Google's first page, the #2 result was a story about the counterfeiting of classic tapestries by scammers selling fakes to unsuspecting buyers. The reputational damage was considerable until a Google search removal expert intervened to suppress the harmful and misleading results. This is something that the publisher of the negative content would not do supposedly because the story was true. Fortunately the site was by then only used in an educational setting. Had the site relied on commerce, the business could have been severely damaged even though the owners had nothing to do with the scam. Students will learn the details of this issue along with an appreciation of the artform of tapestries based on historic art.


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Chateau Selections offered shopping for Belgian tapestries, jacquard woven tapestries, hand woven tapestries, chenille tapestries, tapestry products, tapestry wall hangings, tapestry accessories, bell pulls, table runners, table mats, table throws, fine bedding, decorative pillows and aubusson tapestry rugs.
Content is from the site's 2006 archived pages offering a glimpse of the type of stunning products this site offered its customers.

It is no longer possible to order any of the products from this site. 



As an art historian and collector, I cannot help but be in awe of the exquisite tapestries offered by Chateau Selections. These museum-quality pieces are truly priceless works of art that transport the viewer back to the grandeur and craftsmanship of the Renaissance era. The intricate jacquard and hand-woven techniques used to create such vivid scenes and lifelike details is a vanishing artform that must be preserved and appreciated. What makes these tapestries even more special is seeing their influence carry through to modern pop culture. I was delighted to notice several tapestry designs reminiscent of those from Chateau Selections' collection appearing as background decor in the recent Batman movies. The gothic ambiance and regal presence they lend to spaces like Bruce Wayne's manor is the perfect sophisticated touch. While it may seem like a trivial factoid that might be appropriate among these interesting facts, the use of these tapestry designs in big budget films speaks volumes about their enduring artistic value and ability to elevate a space, whether it's a lavish 16th century castle or the lair of a contemporary superhero. It's a delightful connection between the masterpieces of the past and the imaginative works of today. Acquiring a tapestry from this esteemed collection is an investment in timeless beauty and culture. Julian Sythe




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 Jacquard Woven Tapestries Hand Woven Tapestries Chenille Tapestries
Jacquard Woven Tapestries from Chateau Selections Hand Woven Tapestries Chenille Tapestries from Chateau Selections
Bell Pulls Table Runners & Mats Table Throws
Tapestry Bell Pulls Table Mats - Home Page Table Throws
Fine Bedding Decorative Pillows Tapestry Rugs
Bedding from Chateau Selections Pillow Shams from Chateau Selections Jacquard Woven Tapestry Rugs from Chateau Selections




Hanging Recommendations:  All jacquard woven tapestries from Chateau Selections are fully lined and finished with a tapestry rod sleeve or loops for easy hanging.  Tapestry rods can be purchased at any local home decor retailer.  Tapestry rods are available in metal and wood finishes, and in most cases, will include the bracket and hanging hardware.  Tapestry hanging is a matter of personal preference.  Some make enjoy a more authentic tapestry look, where the tapestry will have some waviness to the material.  This appearance can be achieved by extending the tapestry rod brackets further away from the wall.  In some cases, you may prefer a more straighter hanging tapestry.  Simply adjust the tapestry rod brackets closer to the wall.  Mounting a tapestry directly to the wall is also a possibility.  This can be achieved by inserting a hidden wooden board in place of a tapestry rod sleeve.  Insert butterfly screws or wall anchors directly into the wall and attach the board to the screws through pre-driven holes in the board.  

The width of the tapestry is going to determine the placement of that tapestry rod brackets and hardware.  The brackets should be placed within 3" of either side of the tapestry.  The size of the rod, finials and brackets will be determined by the size of the tapestry and tapestry rod sleeve or loops.  All factors should be considered prior to installing your tapestry rod hardware.

Each method will give an elegant and luxurious look to your tapestry.

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~Customer Comments~

I am delighted to report that the Marianne Stokes tapestry has arrived in excellent condition, and I am thrilled with it. Just the thing!! It is definitely even more beautiful than I expected and we will be delighted to exhibit it in due course.  Many thanks for your swift service. Regards, Melissa B., Curator, West Cornwall Art Archive

I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with the quality of the tapestry I ordered. This was the first item I have ever ordered online and was a little worried that I would not be satisfied. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks, Leanne C.

Thank you for the wonderful service and beautiful tapestry.  I am so pleased with my purchase.  Best Regards, Susie R.

Received the Tapestry and I am very satisfied and impressed! You may use my words as a testimonial. If I had more space I would surely buy  more but alas I do not! Thank you very much William B. H.

I received my order of a tapestry and table throw today and had to write to tell you how extremely happy I am with them.  They couldn't be more perfect for my decor and they will definitely make my living room look very special indeed.  I hope to add to these two pieces in the not too distant future.  Thank you once again. Regards, Beth (Australia)


Tapestry detail

Tapestry detail

Tapestries became status symbols amongst the aristocracy in the Middle Ages.


Castles Cluny-Unicorn Exotics
Florals & Scenery Portieres Royal Crests
 Renaissance Romance & Myths William Morris


18th & 19th Century Tapestry Collection



Bacchus Tapestry

This Jacquard woven tapestry was created in 1710 and is a part of a set of four tapestries depicting the four seasons. This tapestry was designed by Charles Le Brun.  Two large figures float on a cloud, at their feet are autumnal symbols: ewers and goblets for wine and hunting equipment.  In the background, a majestic palace can be seen.  Surrounding the composition is a woven interpretation of a heavily gilded, carved wooden frame.  It incorporates the double L - Cipher of Louis XIV.  The original tapestry is now exposed at the Goblin Manufactory in Paris.  This tapestry is imported from Belgium.  Belgian tapestries are known for the intricate detail and elegant tapestry designs.  These tapestries are completed with a Certificate of Authenticity.  These tapestries are fully lined and finished with a tapestry rod sleeve.  FREE shipping on all tapestries within the domestic U.S.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
1819-Bacchus  41" x 28" $320.00
1819-Bacchus  56" x 40" $500.00
1819-Bacchus  78" x 56" $840.00



The Swing

This Jacquard woven wall tapestry was woven in 1780 by the Manufacture of Beauvais in France. It is part of the tapestry series of 'Pastorales' designed by Jean Baptiste Huet. The original tapestry is in the Louvre Museum in Paris. These tapestries are fully lined & finished with tapestry rod sleeve. FREE shipping on all tapestries within the domestic U.S.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
1819-Swing   27" x 44" $300.00
1819-Swing   40" x 64"" $640.00
1819-Swing 52" x 80" $900.00



Goddess of Spring

Goddess of Spring Tapestry

This Jacquard woven wall tapestry was inspired by a stained glass window designed by C.E.Kempe (1887-1893) and depicting Spring. This tapestry is woven in and imported from Belgium.  Belgian tapestries are known for their intricate tapestry designs and skilled craftsmanship. This stained glass window can be seen in the manor of Wightwick. The composition of this tapestry is 57% wool, 31% cotton and 12% viscose.  These tapestries are fully lined & finished with tapestry rod sleeve.   FREE shipping on all tapestries within the domestic U.S.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
1819-Goddess of Spring 28" x 41" $300.00
1819-Goddess of Spring 56" x 88" $740.00



Still Life With A Dog

Goddess of Spring Tapestry

This Jacquard woven wall tapestry depicts an elegant floral scene. The original tapestry was woven in Saint Petersburg between 1733 and 1734 by the pupils of the Manufacture des Gobelins. This tapestry is now in the Palace of Arms in Moscow. These Jacquard woven tapestries are fully lined & finished with tapestry rod sleeve. FREE shipping on all tapestries within the domestic U.S.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
1819-Still Life Dog 28" x 43" $300.00
1819-Still Life Dog 56" x 81" $740.00


Chateau de Versailles

Chateau de VersaillesTapestry

This Hand Woven tapestry depicts an elegant castle view. As each of these beautiful tapestries are created by hand, please allow lead time. Hand Woven tapestries may display very slight variations of colors or size, as each Hand Woven tapestry is unique

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
HWCAS-Versailles 60" x 68" $1,300.00


Tapestry detail

Tapestry detail


Romance & Myths Tapestry Collection



Les Patineurs II

Hands and Horses Ancient Art Tapestry

This elegant Jacquard woven tapestry is from the set of tapestries called "Mois de Lucas", woven in Flanders at the beginning of the 16th Century and repeated at the Gobelin's until the 18th Century. This tapestry is fully lined and finished with aa tapestry rod sleeve.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
ROM-PatineursII 60" x 44"" $450.00
ROM-PatineursII 80" x 60"" $673.00


Tapestry detail

Tapestry detail


Ancient Art Tapestry Collection


Lions of Chauvet

Lions of Chauvet Ancient Art Tapestry

This tapestry depicts a drawing taken from the cave ‘Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc’. This tapestry dates from 31,000 years ago. What is remarkable about this tapestry, is comparing to other caves, is that dangerous animals are displayed in action.  Also, the techniques utilized to represent the animals are surprising, especially the use of shading and perspective.  These tapestries are fully lined and finished with a tapestry rod sleeve.  FREE shipping within the domestic U.S.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
AA-LionsChauvet  37" x 37" $380.00



Cheval Chinois

Cheval Chinois Ancient Art Tapestry

These tapestries are taken from the original wall paintings in the cave ‘Lascaux’ in France. These tapestry fragments were painted more than 30,000 years ago. These tapestries are fully lined and finished with a tapestry rod sleeve. FREE shipping within the domestic U.S.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
AA-ChevalChinois 57" x 41" $500.00



Hands and Horses

Hands and Horses Ancient Art Tapestry

This tapestry depicts a fragment that dates from 2,400 year ago and can be seen in the cave of Pech. These tapestries are fully lined and finished with a tapestry rod sleeve. FREE shipping within the domestic U.S.

Tapestries Code Size Price USD
AA-HandsHorses 67" x 37" $420.00
AA-HandsHorses 102" x 57" $980.00


Tapestry detail

Tapestry detail


Tapestry Information FAQ

Q. How Do I Order?

Ordering is easy.  We are currently adding a Shopping Cart option to each item to allow ease of ordering.  Please be patient as not all pages have been updated yet.  If they have not been updated, all you need to do is to contact our customer service department and they will walk you through your order.  Some items, such as wall tapestries require specifications such as size or color.   

To insure that Chateau Selections can continue to offer the best on-line prices, we now offer on-line purchasing through PayPal only.  However, if you would feel more comfortable placing an order through a Chateau Selections representative, please contact us directly and your payment information can be completed securely with our customer service representatives. 

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Yes.  All your confidential information is sent via secure server, either through PayPal or our secure in-house server.  

Q. What Methods of Payment Are Accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (Discover, Visa, MasterCard & American Express), PayPal and personal checks.  Please allow 7 - 10 business days for personal checks to clear. 

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Q. How Do I Know That My Order Has Reached The Order Desk?

Every order is confirmed via e-mail.  If we do not have stock of one or more products that you have ordered, you will be notified.  Estimated ship dates will be provided upon order confirmation.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

This depends upon which item you have ordered. In most cases, your order will ship within 2 to 4 weeks from your order date.  However, please note that not all items are stock items and may take longer to be delivered.  All Hand Woven tapestries are made to order and may take 1 to 3 months to be woven.  This is to insure consistent quality for an exceptional product.  Chateau Selections will advise estimated delivery time with your order confirmation.  Additionally, we will advise the tracking number, for your reference, upon shipping.

Q. Can I Trace My Order?

Yes.  When your order is shipped, we will e-mail you the tracking number. With this number, you can trace your order online.

Q. What If One or More Products Are Damaged?

In that case, you can send us back the product(s) within three days after receipt for a full replacement or store credit.  Please be advised that since Hand Woven Tapestries are special orders, there are no returns.

Q. What Is Your Return Policy?

Chateau Selections wants you to be happy with your purchase.  If you are interested in returning your purchase, contact Chateau Selections within three (3) days of receipt of merchandise and obtain an RMA number.  You will then have the following options:

      a. Return for 100% Store Credit.

      b. Return for refund, less 15% re-stocking fee.

Colors may vary from computer to computer.  Chateau Selections represents the colors to the best of our ability, but will not be held responsible for computer color discrepancies.  If you have any questions, please contact Chateau Selections prior to ordering for clarification.

All returns must be received at Chateau Selections within five (5) business days of RMA issue date to receive proper credit.  All refunds will be processed in the manner in which it was received.  For instance, if your order was placed online, then your refund will be processed via PayPal.  If your order was called into customer service, you will need to provide the credit card information so that the refund can be processed.  Please note that to insure privacy, Chateau Selections does not maintain your credit card information once your order has been processed.

Please note that there are no returns on Hand Woven Tapestries.